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Salsa L.A. in pairs

Salsa L.A. in pairsSalsa is most commonly chosen dance style in the world. In Salsa L.A. we mainly focus on speed, effectiveness and dynamic. Acrobatic elements and repeated  turns are particularly characteristic for this type of salsa. Let’s begin the adventure!


BachataDance from Dominikana which stands out among other Caribbean kinds of dances thanks to its remarkable sensuality. That’s why it is the most popular dance for lovers. There also happens pairs who don’t feel anything before dancing bachata but after … ;)

Salsa Cubana

Salsa CubanaThis energetic and charismatic dance let you forget all your problems. Leading in cubana is quite strong. Man is who rules here and shows off with his woman. Enerrrgy, charrracter and hot atmosphere from Havana – simply Cubana!


KizombaKizomba is dancing style born in Angola, popularised in Portugal and slowly in other European countries. It originates from semba and Caribbean zouk and it is often called Angolan tango. Kizomba is danced in sensitive and delicate way using close holding.

Salsa Sexy Solo

Salsa Sexy SoloIf you start learning salsa and you want to become more fluent in movements and derive fun from latino music, these are for sure classes for you! Salsa sexy solo uses also elements from different dance styles like cha-cha or flamenco.

Salsa Men’s Styling

Salsa Men’s StylingClasses for all machos with character who like showing their masculinity on the dance floor. We learn such elements like dynamic combinations and poses and figures emphasizing macho style.

Latino Solo

Latino SOLOThis is the fusion of dances which originates from Latin America: salsa, bachata, merengue and cha-cha with pinch of bold reggaeton and sensual jazz. Feel good, discover more self-esteem and internal joy!

Oriental Dance

Oriental DanceThis name among others reveals belly dance or bollywood dance. Just set free your feminity and sensuality. Oriental music and richly ornamented costumes will take you to the wonderland where you could feel as a princess from “Arabian Nights”.

Tap Dance

Tap DanceTap dance is this particular dance style where apart from being a dancer you become also musician in a very inique way. Let us invite you to Fred Astaire’s world where even rain will bring good opportunity for dancing! Play with rhythm and listen what your feet want to say to you :)

Rueda de Casino

Rueda de CasinoIs specific way for dancing salsa cubana – in a circle for two or more pairs. Constant change of partners makes it really dynamic and eye-catching. Elastic movements of dancers’ bodies and surprisingly tangled figures enforces really close contact between partners.


KuduroIt’s a mixture of specific Angolan style of moving with American hip-hop and house but it creates distinct kind of dance. Kuduro has lots of elements based on mimics as well as moves which are a parody of particular way of life or some types of people or animals.

4 x Latin

4 x LatinThis is the fusion of all dancing rhythms which don’t let us stand still. Together with traditional Latin American dances: samba, jive, rumba, cha-cha we interlace bit of exotics of cuban rhythms and we add pinch of modern accents such as reggeaton or funky- jazz.

Salsa with Hip-hop

Salsa with elements of Hip-hopThis is an offer connecting latino salsa with music and dance which is mostly visible in music clips. Big impact is put on warm-up and developing abilities of body isolations. These classes are fusion of different dance styles: reggaeton, hip- hop, salsa and other latino dances.

Erotic dance

Erotic DanceThese classes it’s not striptease or pole dance! Erotic dance is a subtle mixture of latino dances, street dance, funky and jazz which connected to seducing and erotic styling let all Ladies – no matter what dance level they are – develop their dancing abilities.

Burlesque Fusion

Burlesque FusionClasses directed to all Ladies who want to discover all these sensual movements  and feel more comfortable with their body and dance. Burlesque is fantastic form of dancing for confident women, destined above all for the stages.

Irish dance

Irish danceIf you’d like to fell wildness of Irish feet and know how to tame it by integrating group dances or also by solo performing – we invite you for our classes! We offer both soft shoes and heavy shoes workshops also with live music.


Ladies BodymovementAll of us show your own personality, your inique world and its charm. These are classes where by simple excercises we bring to light more and more beautiful thing from our bodies. You will focus on your body consciousness, learn better movement technique and be more aware how to express yourselves.


Reggaeton with elements od street danceReggaeton is a genre originating from Puerto Rico which mixes elements of dancehall, hip- hop and latino dances. Classes emanates with huge dose of sexuality – are directed to people who are not fraid of bold movements and provocation.


DancehallOriginated from Jamaica it carries very positive attitude and vibrations. Sometimes these two factors are more important than knowledge or dance technique. In dancehall the main role play booty shakes – that means various movements of bottom.

Zumba fitness

Zumba is a fusion of dance and aerobics inspired by latino rhythms. It’s an innovative fitness system which forms your body, increase your condition and makes you fell good. Above all, zumba = having fun.


YogaYoga is 5 000 years old expanded physical, mental and spiritual system of practices originated from India. It’s also a dialogue between body, mind and breath. For some people it’s just a good system of physical excercises, for others it’s a way of life, philosophy of healthy lifestyle. All of you will find something for you here.

Modern dance

Modern DanceModern dance creates in dancers visible body awareness which can be used not only on the dance floor. Dancers creates their movements using breath, gravity and body weight. Great impact is put on emotions especially when talking about dance theatre. Dancers by their movements try to tell different stories.

Tango Solo

Tango SoloCommonly speaking, tango is man’s dance. He is the leader, he decides, proposes solutions. But also we – women – have a lot to say, a lot to dance and a lot to show in tango! And above all, we have a great contribution in tango to make it possible and pleasureable.

Ballroom dance

Ballroom danceThis is the proposition for people who want to explore secrets of standard dances (English waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and quickstep) and latin dances (jive, samba, rumba, cha- cha and passo doble). This form of entertainment originates from saloon dances and folk or country dances and is common from the beginning of 20th century.

Bachata for Ladies

Bachata for LadiesDuring the classes you will get to know characteristic elements of ladies’ movement and styling in sensual bachata, dance from Dominicana. We invite women interested in solo classes and also ladies who have started course of bachata in pairs and they want to improve their technique by natural, sexi, feminine movements of hips and arms.

Lindy Hop

Lindy HopLindy Hop – vigorous and energetic dance from 20′s and 30′s of 20th century which lately goes through its renaissance. It was born in Harlem and danced by Afroamericans. Fusion of jazz, charlestone and tap dance. To dance it you need a pinch of fitness, fondness for swing music and positive craziness. When you dance lindy hop you always smile!

Tango Argentino

Tango ArgentinoTango argentino is a dance connected with town space and was born and developed in Argentina and Uruguay. After a long period when it was danced only in brothels and second rated pubs, in the beginning of 20th century it started its way to one of the most popular social dances of our times.

Fitness Latino

Fitness LatinoThis is the proposition for people who want to explore secrets of standard dances (English waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and quickstep) and latin dances (jive, samba, rumba, cha- cha and passo doble). This form of entertainment originates from saloon dances and folk or country dances and is common from the beginning of 20th century.

Break Dance

Break DanceDance which characteristic elements are acrobatic movements. Classes are directed to all of you who wants to break laws of phisics, widen dancing horizons and develop body. Their aim is show you proper form of b-boying not ending up only on basics.


Hip Hop DanceIn hip hop dancers use elements from such dance techniques as breaking, popping, locking, crumping. There are no limits according dancer’s weight, height or age. We will learn you how to be creative dancers – not only choreography reproducers.

House dance

House danceHouse dance is one of the street dance styles. It takes inspiration from post-war, African, Brazilian and latino dance styles and jazz, tap dance and even modern dance. House dancers uses movements from waacking, vouging, capoeira, tap dance and Latin American dances.


Afro houseVery expressive and wild dance style. Fun, sense of humour, creativity and spontaneity are things what counts here. Movements are fast, sudden and sexy. You can make from afro-house interesting and exhilarating game between males and females or just crazy dance display.

Fit Form

Fit FormFitness classes with the aim of forming your figure, increasing muscle power and firming your body. Excercises are not dynamic so they don’t overload heart but they force your muscles to intensive work. It provides you with good mood and self-esteem on dancing floors!

Aerobic Dance

Aerobic DanceIt is a mixture of pleasant and beneficial stuff. You dance to the music and simultanously you shape your silhouette. We guarantee you great fun, lot of effort and 100% of satisfaction! Using of various music and changeable chreographies will inspire everybody. Classes are adapted to the level of the group.


ABTClasses begins with short, simple choreography which warms up body and prepare you to the main part – strenghtening abdomen and lower parts of your body.  All excercises are leaded to dynamic and motivating music. We end with pleasant streching which helps you relax each body parts.


StretchingStretching is simply speaking increasing your flexibility. Thanks to it we extend range of our movements, release muscle tension, improve body coordination and blood flow, restore physical balance of our bodies and prevent muscle fibres’ damages.


What kind of clothes I should wear during classes?

Please bring clothes which are comfortable for you and don’t constrict your movements. Shoes should be comfortable and have a sole which won’t leave marks on the dance floor.

How can I pay for the classes?

You can pay in cash before classes or make a draft on account: 71 1140 2004 0000 3202 7411 7980 – please write name of the dance course in the draft title.

How long lasts the course?

It lasts as long as the number of participants is sufficient. Usually to reach the next dance level you need about 3 months of practising. However, all depends on overall dancing level of the group and progress it makes.

I don't have dancing partner. Can I join the course for pairs?

Of course you can! Give us know and we will find you a partner so you can participate in our classes for pairs.

Can I drop in for some classes?

Yes, you can. But if you appear suddenly we can’t guarantee you a dancing partner. But if you inform us earlier we will try to do our best to provide you a dancing partner. Remember also that contact by telephone or mail can help you avoid situation when classes are suddenly cancelled for some reason.

I can't attend classes. Should I inform you about this?

Yes please! Your information will definitely facilitate our job :) Please give us know by phone call or even SMS on 693 633 165 or mail us on Thank you!

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