Mariusz Górniak

Salsa L.A./Bachata/Latino

Certificated sport dance instructor, choreographer and animator. He specialises in salsa L.A. style and other latino dances.

    Lena Lugina

    Salsa L.A./Bachata/Latino

    Dance instructor. She dances also: salsa N.Y., reggaeton, street dance, swing, belly dance.

    „Genius is 1% of talent and 99% of hard work”
    – Thomas Alva Edison

      Agata Włodarczyk

      Burlesque/Ladies Bodymovement

      Dance instructor and choreographer, specializes in salsa N.Y. and bodymovement. Dances also: burlesque, salsa L.A., bachata, zouk, west coast swing, kizomba, semba
      She is inspired by: jazz, hip-hop, ragga, urban dance, dancehall, reggaeton.

      „While dancing you have this luxury opportunity to be yourself.”

        Magdalena Mak

        Irish Dance / Tap Dance

        Certificated Irish dance teacher and sports dance instructor. Choreographer. Dances also: balfolk dances, hula, modern.

        „From Irish dance I take joy and energy, from modern dance I take consciousness, from tap dance and jazz I take freedom.”

          Katarzyna Mucha

          Salsa LA Style, Salsa NY Style/Ballroom dances/Bachata/Reggaeton

          Dance instructor and choreographer. She dances also kizomba and zouk.

          „Magic of the dance it’s an explosion of sensations from feeling movement and space under the influence of inner energy.”

            Paulina Skorupka

            Belly Dance

            Oriental dance instructor, choreographer and animator.

            „Dance is the most noble, the most touching and the most beautiful amongst all arts because it is not only simple interpretation or image of life, it is the life itself”

            Havelock Ellis

              Magdalena Samolik

              Tango Argentino

              Instructor of tango argentino

              „For me dance is the most beautiful metaphore of human life.”

                Kamila Serafińska

                Hawaii Hula Dance

                Experienced Hula dancer and teacher, educator. Dances also: intuitive dance, modern.

                „Movement floats straight from the heart, technical steps are just a background. For me dance is a path, which let me become myself more, life in agreement with my wishes, values, in respect towards everyone else’s desires.”

                  Dorota Hejmlich

                  Lindy Hop

                  Swing dances instructor

                  Dorota began her dancing career from swaying her hips to the music of tape recorder. Her mum had been turning it on to take care of her child. She danced in hip-hop and jazz formations, then she discovered tango argentino, ballroom dances and salsa. And then she came across swing dances and… she got head over heels! To learn west coast swing and lindy hop she took part in workshops and dance camps in Poland and abroad. She practises swing dances for 6 years.

                  The main aim of her classes is that everybody have fun and went from dancing room with a solid piece of knowledge. She draws special attention to leading technique and pair dynamic.

                    Patryk Jarczok

                    Modern Dance

                    Modern dance instructor. Dances also: jazz dance, ballroom dance, ballet

                    „Inspiration to creation is usually man and reality he lives in.”

                      Anna Szajkowska

                      Erotic dance/Hip-Hop/House Dance

                      Instructor of erotic dance, reggaeton, dancehall, hip-hop and house.

                      Dance is for me the best form which release emotions and give feeling of freedom. I believe that with hard work you can achieve everything and I pass this idea on my students.

                        Krzysztof Madejski i Anna Ciach


                        Instructors of kizomba. Dance also: salsa L.A. style, salsa NY style, salsa cubana and bachata.

                          Agata Rzepka


                          Dancer, choreographer, co-founder of dancing group So Fresh from Poznań

                            Manuela Marsal Cabitango

                            Kuduro / Afrohouse

                            Dance instructor and choreographer. Dances also: street dance, oldschool, krump, ragga i ballroom dances.

                            “I want to share African street dance and give everybody its special energy.”

                              Alicja Kozłowska


                              Certificated yoga instructor

                              „I invite people of every age and no matter how fit you are. I encourage you to contact with me, it’s the best investment in yourself :)”

                                Michał Kępski

                                Standard / Latin

                                Ballroom dance instructor

                                „Some people say that dance is the passion and explosion of expression. For me it is a moment of beauty for two people.”

                                  Monika Krusiewicz & Wojtek (Pedro) Kowalewski

                                  Salsa Cubana

                                  Instructors of salsa cubana

                                    Klaudia Hajduk

                                    Salsaton / Reggaeton / Salsa N.Y. / Salsa L.A.

                                    Dance instructor and choreographer. Dances also kizomba and zouk.

                                    Her dancing adventure began in 2nd class of primary school in vocal-dance group. Since then, having trained regularly, annually she gained medals in local competitions. Getting more mature in dance and life she participated in hip-hop and jazz workshops. But it was salsa she fell in love with the first step. She was engaged in salsa N.Y. and L.A. performances in Poznań. Fascinated in all latin culture she found herself in bachata formation with which she performed during a festival in Prague. Searching for new movement forms she found reggaeton. Klaudia’s biggest dream is to dance one day with Inga Fominykh.
                                    Currently she connects her first and last love dancing her own experimental technique – Salsaton, which is a fusion of sexy salsa and energetic reggaeton.


                                      Justyna Wojciechowska


                                      Experienced instructor of zumba® and samba. Dances also: lindy hop.

                                        Magdalena Bestrzyńska


                                        Experienced instructor of brazilian samba, zumba® and cirlce dances. Dances also: lindy hop.

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