Dorota Hejmlich

Dorota Hejmlich

Lindy Hop

    Swing dances instructor

    She began her dancing career from swaying her hips to the music of tape recorder. Her mum had been turning it on to take care of her child. She danced in hip-hop and jazz formations, then she discovered tango argentino, ballroom dances and salsa. And then she came across swing dances and… she got head over heels! To learn west coast swing and lindy hop she took part in workshops and dance camps in Poland and abroad. She practises swing dances for 6 years.


    The main aim of her classes is that everybody have fun and went from dancing room with a solid piece of knowledge. She draws special attention to leading technique and pair dynamic.


    Latin Dance Studio

    ul. Słowackiego 17 / 12
    woj. Wielkopolskie