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Klaudia Hajduk

Klaudia Hajduk

Salsaton / Reggaeton / Salsa N.Y. / Salsa L.A.

Dance instructor and choreographer. Dances also kizomba and zouk.

Her dancing adventure began in 2nd class of primary school in vocal-dance group. Since then, having trained regularly, annually she gained medals in local competitions. Getting more mature in dance and life she participated in hip-hop and jazz workshops. But it was salsa she fell in love with the first step. She was engaged in salsa N.Y. and L.A. performances in Poznań. Fascinated in all latin culture she found herself in bachata formation with which she performed during a festival in Prague. Searching for new movement forms she found reggaeton. Klaudia’s biggest dream is to dance one day with Inga Fominykh.
Currently she connects her first and last love dancing her own experimental technique – Salsaton, which is a fusion of sexy salsa and energetic reggaeton.


    Najbliższe zajęcia z Klaudią odbywają się:

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