PraktisyApart from regular classes and workshops we organise also dancing practises. They have open and flexible form and all people are welcome here – not only participants of our classes but also dancers from different schools and your friends. This is a great way of practising new combinations and choreographies learned during your classes as well as method of encouraging improvisation. Our instructors often take part in practises so you can always ask for dancing advice.
We have 2 halls:
– big hall – we play here variuos latino music – mainly salsa L.A. and cubana – here animations and performances take place,
– small hall – sensual climate of bachata, kizomba and other “close holders”.

In searching for the nearest practise dates please stay tuned with our website and our Facebook site.


Latin Dance Studio

ul. Słowackiego 17 / 12
woj. Wielkopolskie