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Wedding dance

taniec weselny

photo: Dariusz Floryszczak – Photography with Soul

Classes of wedding dance are tailored especially for you according to your needs, expectations and level of dance abilities. Our main aim is to reveal your greatest potencial and beauty for this unique evening in your life and for the rest of your dancing path.

We offer you possibility of learning dances which will ensure great fun on every wedding party. We offer also help with preparation of the first dance for the young couple. For our clients we create eye-catching choreography, we learn how to present yourselves in a proper way, how to entrance and leave the dance floor in impressive manner.
You can choose the instructor you want to work with and kind of dance you want to prepare.

Classes lasts for 1 hour. You can buy one class or special packages.

If you feel that it is we who should lead you towards one of the most important days in your life, we would be honoured. You can contact us by phone 502 582 480 or just click registration button below:

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