Irish dance

Irish dance

Irish dance is going through its great renaissance for the last 30 years, conquering hearts (and legs!) of people in many corners of the world – thanks to its joyful and integrating character. We lead classes in cooperation with partner dance studio EtnoBalans, which is the one and only studio in Poznań offering these kind of regular classes. If you’d like to feel wildness of Irish feet and know how to tame it by integrating group dances or also by solo performing – we invite you for our classes! We offer both soft shoes and heavy shoes workshops also with live music.

Instructor: Magdalena Mak

Classes are held according to ETNOBALANS SCHEDULE


cena od osoby

35 zł / pojedyncze zajęcia
90 zł / 4 kolejne zajęcia
150 zł / 8 kolejnych zajęć
210 zł / 12 kolejnych zajęć

z Multisportem:
60 zł | 4 zajęcia
110 zł | 8 zajęć
150 zł | 12 zajęć

Honorujemy Fit Profit i OK System.

Wpłat można dokonywać:
– gotówką w studio,
– przelewem na konto Magdalena Mak, 71 1140 2004 0000 3202 7411 7980,
– on-line podczas rejestracji.

Additional information

To encourage you to start learning Irish dance we recommend watching clip below to show you that Irish dance is not only traditional folk dance which is slowly being forgotten but live and developing dance form taking inspiration from modern music.

As a dessert, reportage made by TVK Winogrady about classes of Irish dance leaded in EtnoBalans.


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